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How is FuelSpec® Combustion Catalyst Impacting Power Generation?

Industry Challenges:
  • Regulatory Challenges - Coal-fired and oil-fired electric generators have been challenged by ever decreasing emission ceilings levied by federal and local regulatory agencies. In the US alone, reductions in emission standards result in the shuttering of many existing facilities, as it’s cost prohibitive, or impossible to meet the revised emission standard.
  • Environmental Anxiety – Climate Change advocates have identified Power Producers as “Public Enemy Number One” because of their large carbon footprint. With all the political capital directed against the industry, the atmosphere in which it operates sets the standard for difficult working conditions. One must be a leader.


FuelSpec Solutions:
  • FuelSpec® is a positive rate of return product - Your fuel savings are greater than your costs of FuelSpec®. Your margins will improve to the benefit of your stockholders, or you can pass the benefit to your customer and become more competitive.
  • Your engines will burn fuel more efficiently - Your operating and maintenance costs will drop, improving your bottom line.
  • Compound % Reduction Using HFO
    Particulate Matter (PM) 90%
    Carbon Monoxide (CO) 60%
    Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) 40%
  • Let us prove it to you...