About us

Who We Are

EFS was formed in July 2014, through the acquisition of patents and other assets pertaining to the FuelSpec® combustion catalyst technology. We specialize in technology driven liquid chemical combustion products and associated delivery systems. We also provide experienced professionals to execute all aspects of the development, formulation, manufacturing and application (including ship-board application) of the catalysts.

What We Do

We manufacture FuelSpec® catalysts in Houston, Texas and sell it to energy intensive consumers throughout the world. Our sister company, Applied Efficiency Systems, LLC oversees the manufacturing of dosing systems for FuelSpec® at a facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

What We Deliver

We deliver a handsome rate of return to our customers. FuelSpec® has a positive impact to your bottom line. Even at today’s low fuel prices.

    How do we accomplish this?

  • Again, technology driven: Your fuel savings will be greater than your costs of FuelSpec®.
  • Plus, you will also spend less on operations and maintenance of your engines.
  • We also deliver significant emissions reductions (those reductions will vary with fuel and engine type).

    We clean the air you breathe.