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Combustible Catalysts

What are FuelSpec® combustion catalysts?

FuelSpec® combustion catalysts are liquid chemicals, which, when added to fuels, improve the combustion of the fuels. FuelSpec® combustion catalysts are registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and are protected under current and pending patent filings.

What are the benefits to customers from the use of FuelSpec® combustion catalysts?

When mixed in the proper amount, FuelSpec® combustion catalysts provide these benefits –

  • Fuel savings
  • Emissions reduction
  • Equipment operating and maintenance costs reduction

Savings Matter

How much fuel savings can a customer expect?

FuelSpec® combustion catalysts provide the following estimated savings for different types of fuel –

  • For ultra-low sulfur Diesel containing equal to or less than 15 ppm sulfur (0.0015% sulfur) used in the US for on-road transportation, customers can expect about 7% fuel savings
  • For high sulfur fuels, including heavy fuel oil containing up to 25,000 ppm sulfur (2.5% sulfur and fuels with higher sulfur) used for maritime, power generation and home heating needs, customers can expect 10% or more fuel savings
  • Customers using fuels containing intermediate levels of sulfur will see fuel savings in between 7% and 10%

How much emissions reduction can be expected by a customer using FuelSpec® combustion catalysts?

FuelSpec® combustion catalysts improve the combustion of fuel. This causes a direct reduction in the harmful emission of ash, carbon monoxide and NOx. Based on the properties of the fuel, up to 10% reduction in ash, up to 90% reduction in carbon monoxide, up to 30% reduction in NOx and up to complete elimination of visible black smoke can be expected. Since combustion is affected by variables including fuel-type, the condition of the equipment, as well as atmospheric conditions, customers may see a range of reduction in harmful emissions. Furthermore, customers will also see a reduction in emissions such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful products resulting from the reduced usage of fuel (for equivalent power output).

Does the use of other emissions reduction methods and technologies restrict or inhibit the use of FuelSpec® combustion catalysts?

No. For example, FuelSpec® combustion catalysts can be used effectively in conjunction with SCR systems, Diesel particulate filters, and other post-combustion emissions reduction technologies. Similarly, emissions reduction methods such as “Diesel Emission Fluids” that are used in most modern Class 7 and 8 tractors are also compatible with FuelSpec® combustion catalysts. FuelSpec® products simply improve the efficiency of combustion of the fuel, and do not work against other emissions reduction methods and technologies.

Is it safe to store and transport FuelSpec® combustion catalysts?

Yes. FuelSpec® combustion catalysts are non-hazardous and non-reactive. They can be shipped via air cargo, have high flash-points and extremely low freezing points, a long shelf-life, and can stay in storage, or mixed in fuel, for long periods of time without any degradation.

What kind of equipment is needed for injecting FuelSpec® combustion catalysts into the fuel and what is the cost of this equipment?

EFS provides easy to install, reliable, long-life, maintenance free and cost-effective equipment for injecting FuelSpec® combustion catalysts into the customer’s equipment and fuel systems. Depending upon the customers’ needs and the fuel, EFS will provide the needed equipment. Retrofitting the equipment is simple and does not cause down time. While the cost of equipment varies with the application, a typical Class 8 truck owner will save more than the total cost of equipment plus FuelSpec® products, within less than 6 months of using the technology. Other customers, such as owners and operators of ships, power generation equipment, etc., will realize considerably higher savings due to the larger amounts of fuel saved. If applicable, central fueling facilities can also be retrofitted easily.

Does use of FuelSpec® combustion catalysts void or negatively affect equipment warranty?

While the situation varies across different industries, FuelSpec® products do not have any negative effect on equipment, and use of the products will not void or negatively affect equipment warranties currently in place. In the US, the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, a federal law enacted in 1975, prohibits original equipment manufacturers from voiding their warranties due to the use of after-market products such as FuelSpec® combustion catalysts. There is a high likelihood that customers are already using other fuel additives for their combustion equipment, without voiding original equipment warranties (such products referenced above in the section, Is the use of FuelSpec® combustion catalysts safe?). FuelSpec® combustion catalysts do not contain any harmful components and extended testing of the product has shown actual reduction of wear on combustion equipment. EFS works with each customer to ensure that all information regarding FuelSpec® products is provided to the customer and that there are no issues related to equipment warranty.

How can FuelSpec® combustion catalysts work effectively in such small quantities?

EFS has conducted extensive research and testing to develop highly effective FuelSpec® products by optimizing the chemical constituents, component particle sizes and effective mixing techniques, so that the technology provides high performance and a high return-on-investment for EFS customers.

Want More Info?

Can we get more information about EFS?

The EFS team comprises of professionals experienced in all aspects of the development, formulation, manufacturing and application of FuelSpec® combustion catalysts. After conducting an extensive review of the technology, EFS acquired the patents and other assets pertaining to FuelSpec® combustion catalysts in July 2014; EFS is commercializing the technology worldwide, across a range of industries. EFS is supported by investors with significant experience in providing energy conservation to Fortune 100 companies. All FuelSpec® combustion catalysts and injection equipment are manufactured in the United States.