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How is FuelSpec® Combustion Catalyst Impacting the Shipping Industry?

Industry Challenges:
  1. Easy Target for Regulators - Despite being the most eco-friendly mode of transport, the shipping industry impacts global warming due to its sheer scale and its dependence on heavy fuel oil (“HFO”).
  2. Bottom Line – A struggling world economy, coupled with the industry’s overcapacity issues, help squeeze shipping margins to ports around the world.
  3. Environmental Regulations – Compliance while operating in Emission Control Areas forces ships to manage multiple grades of fuel, which can hinder engine performance and delivery schedules.


FuelSpec Solutions:
  1. FuelSpec is a positive rate of return product - Your fuel savings are greater than your costs of FuelSpec®. Your margins will improve to the benefit of your stockholders, or you can pass the benefit to your customer and become more competitive.
  2. Your engines will burn fuel more efficiently - Your operating and maintenance costs will drop, improving your bottom line.
  3. With FuelSpec, your estimated emissions reductions by fuel-type are:

  4. Compound % Reduction Using HFO % Reduction Using MGO
    Particulate Master (PM) 90% 90%
    Carbon Monoxide (CO) 60% 40%
    Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) 40% 40%
  5. Let us prove it to you...