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What Are The Key Details of FuelSpec® Linked to Over The Road Use?

Work Product:
  • Southwest Research Institute CL-14 6618 Results - A recent test conducted by EFS at the Southwest Research Institute (“SwRI”), in San Antonio, Texas, USA, clearly shows that addition of FuelSpec® does not degrade or modify Diesel fuel (SwRI is one of the oldest and most respected testing and research facilities of its kind in the US). pdf here
  • SAE Type II J1321 Test Results – The SAE Type II J1321 Test is the “gold standard” in the US for determining the efficacy of fuel savings technologies. This test was administered by a third-party, Claude Travis and Associates, who specializes in performing the SAE Type II J1321 test (considered to be the industry’s leading experts for performing the test); the test showed an overall fuel savings of 7%+ on ULSD. pdf here
  • FuelSpec® 114-05 Case Study Cummins ISX Engine - detailed study spanning 5 years on a 2007 Cummins ISX 400 (ST) engine, that shows the long term effects of FuelSpec®. The results are unparalleled. pdf here
  • US EPA Registrations - signifying permission for use on OTR applications with ultra-low sulfur Diesel in the US. pdf here


FuelSpec Solutions:
  • FuelSpec® is a positive rate of return product - Your fuel savings will be greater than your costs of FuelSpec®. Your margins will improve to the benefit of your stockholders, or you can pass the benefit to your customer and become more competitive.
  • Your engines will burn fuel more efficiently - Your operating and maintenance costs will drop, improving your bottom line.
  • Let us prove it to you...